Like drafting? We have a job for that.

Like creative designs? We have a job for that.

Like chemistry? We have a job for that.

Like project management? We have a job for that.

We are currently hiring for a senior accessibility analyst, an entry level drafter; an entry level and mid-level architectural analysts specifically in Seattle, an entry level structural analyst and an entry level chemistry analyst -- as well as a senior level fire analyst specifically in Portland.

Learn more about these open positions above, or contact us at: careers@codeul.com

Code Unlimited employees can work remotely and enjoy flexible hours to achieve work-life balance not typically seen in the design-construction industry. We treat our employees as valuable assets with a vast potential for personal and professional growth; offering mentorship and opportunities to exercise creativity, expand their technical abilities, and learn entrepreneurial skills at all levels of employment.


“I’ve worked on more building types on the past 9 months than I did in the last 19 years.”
- Code Unlimited Senior Project Manager

"The benefits to working for Code Unlimited are the strong mentoring in both technical and management skills, opportunity for advancement and working with other design professionals."
- Code Unlimited Analyst

"I enjoy the involvement in various projects at different levels, the presence of different skill sets within the company which helps to solve technical problems, and the opportunities for client interactions and site visits."
- Code Unlimited Project Manager

"Working at Code Unlimited means working with a great team. My employers are invested in my career and I get to work on fantastic, interesting, and sometimes marvelous projects."
- Code Unlimited Analyst

We are a fast growing building code and fire consulting firm with offices in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and partner offices in New York and Tennessee. The principals and staff at Code Unlimited have diverse and extensive experience with existing buildings and new construction in a variety of market sectors nationwide. Our client list ranges from notable architecture firms, to large government entities, to prominent private businesses. We are the go-to firm for large scale design projects and also the one chosen for the smallest of projects. The key to our success are our extensive code knowledge and also the trust and respect of local authorities.